Personal Training


Coaching, Personal & Rehabilitation Training and Consulting

Personal & Rehabilitation Training

Individual one on one training; focused on the specific needs of the individual can incorporate a variety of modalities. Monthly endurance sport coaching; for triathlon all distances, road or off-road, marathons, ultramarathons, adventure racing, ultra swims, for beginners to elite athletes.
Home Gym Consulting; Able to help you make the most of gym space in your home and advise you on equipment needed to reach your goals.

$90 +GST per hour

Kickstart Class

Kickstart your morning with this variety packed workout to help you reach your fitness goals! Prepare yourself to be challenged with medicine ball, core, bodyball, cardio and weight training exercises. Stay motivated and get strong as this program will challenge your current level of fitness and push you to the next level. Come and have some fun and get fit!

Monday / Wednesday / Friday
6:10 - 7:10 am
Next session is starting June 2020 sign up through Meadow Park

Endure Class

Tuesday & Thursdays
6:10 - 7:10am for 12 weeks
Next session starting in June 2020

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