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Mental Performance Coaching

Many athletes and people in general focus on the physical aspect of sport and performance but neglect to either incorporate and train strategies for the mental side of performance. When we look at top level athletes most will have the same or very similar physical abilities but what keeps them apart is their mental strength and tools. Mental performance coaching uses a strengths based approach to recognize the strengths of each individual and build upon these in order to enhance performance. Each individual creates their own performance profile and then through collaboration different skills and tools are practiced and developed. The goal is to practice the skills in a non-competitive environment so that they are available when the athlete or client needs them. The mental skills become part of a persons regular training routine. Each individual gets a periodized mental performance training plan based on their racing or training schedule.

Practicing and incorporating mental performance skills and strategies has been shown to be effective in enhancing overall athletic performance.

Individual sessions $105/hr (GST included)
One on one in person or online and follow up email. Provides individual with insight into mental performance strategies and guidance in incorporating them into your training.
Special rate for April and May 2020 $75/ session