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About Christine

Christine believes that all individuals are capable of change, and that the client is the expert in their life. Christine focuses on the clients strengths to help them overcome adversity and challenges in their life. Through a collaborative approach, Christine is able to combine her skills and therapeutic knowledge, along with the client’s strengths, to help clients achieve their goals, gain greater awareness, and overcome adversity. Christine’s non-judgemental and compassionate approach to therapy invites the client to reach outside their comfort zone, stretch their imagination and possibilities in life, and grow personally and professionally.


- Diploma in Criminology, Douglas College 1988
- BA in Psychology Simon Fraser University 2004
- Diploma in Massage Therapy, West Coast College of Massage 2007
- MACP Masters in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University 2018

My Story

I thought of these words as I was walking through the forest one day and looking up at the trees. I love to use trees as a metaphor for myself and life. They reach up to the sky, stretch their roots to keep them grounded and nourished and they grow both upwards and outwards. The possibilities are endless when the environment is right! The words reach stretch grow encapsulate all of my skills and training in both the body and mind. They are the goals that I want each client to be able to strive for as they work through their challenges. Reach beyond what you believe you are capable of doing both physically and mentally. Stretch your mind to look at what else is possible and your body to keep it moving and healthy. Grow your skills, strengths and strategies and as an individual.

What therapy can do for you?

Help you realize your true potential
Help you navigate difficult transitions in life
Feel more in control
Process difficult emotions
Make better choices

Christine works with

Life changes and Transitions
(retirement, physical disability, concussion)
Emotional Issues